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Our Mission

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treeROOTS is a social network for anyone who loves our planet enough to share their social intitiatives for a better future and wants control over who they share their data with.

The mission of TreeROOTS is to use the internet for uniting People and organizations who want to transform our world into a compassionate, wellbeing and caring community. We are evolutionarily built for cooperation. Cooperation coupled with compassion, curiosity, and courage is the basic currency of our coexistence.

Dear social, dedicated, compassionate human being, become on TreeROOTS visible! Communicate with your colleagues and across local boarders with other local associations, hopeful initiatives, eco-social entrepreneurs, social organizations and professional groups, visionary organizations. Cooperate with each other so that the open source software of treeROOTS comes to a glow to inspire others. Your account is free. This experimental networking project is funded by donations. You decide what the provisioning and maintenance of the platform is worth to you. TreeROOTS is an independent digital social platform and is owned by the members. TreeROOTS runs on a server in Switzerland and is powerd by the nonprofit Institute for Mindfulness based in Switzerland.



Highlights every single change such as status updates, reactions, photos, videos, audio, polls, upcoming events, @mentions, #hashtags, repost, pinned post and many more...

Group Rooms

Empowering similar interest groups by collaborating with discussions, organizing events, and numerous other activities such has poll votings, media sharing, documents, links and many more...


Platform for entrepreneurs and social initiatives to gain new leads within their community. Nice display review ratings, announcements, discussions, polls, media sharing, events and many more...


Gain awareness of any upcoming event within the community, whether in an open or private manner. Equipped with relevant details, description of the event, venue, time and number of attendees, organizers and many more...


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